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Hazardous cupboards – What to consider when purchasing.

Hazardous cupboards – What to consider when purchasing.

There are many factors to consider when buying a Hazardous Cupboard. Many of which we will discuss in this blog post. Having a hazardous cupboard in your workplace is vital and a huge essential when storing anything that could cause potential harm to an employee or member of your team. These days most health and safety officers will ensure that all hazardous substances are stored away safely and securely with some kind of spillage safety such as a sump.

Some of the things to consider when buying a hazardous cupboard may sound simple and obvious but we are going to run through them just, so you can double check.

Hazardous Cupboards.

  1. Is a hazardous cupboard right for you? Well the short of it is that if you have a hazardous substance to store then yes you do. If you are simply wanting to store normal liquids, then you don’t necessarily need this cupboard however sometimes it can’t hurt you too.

  2. What size is available to you? Do you have enough allocated space for your hazardous cupboard. You can see the sized of the cabinets in the description. This size will indicate what space you need for the cupboard to go. If you need a bespoke size, then this is also something we can offer. The price may vary slightly but there won’t be a huge difference.

  3. How many chemicals do you need to store? If you need to store a large quantity of hazardous storage substances, then it goes without saying that you need to have a hazardous cupboard big enough so that it fit them all in. Take this into consideration when buying a cabinet. Having space between the chemicals is vital so you can see what you are pulling out to not only save time but adds an extra safety value.

  4. What chemicals are you storing? This is probably one of the most important steps to choosing your hazardous cupboard. If you are storing acids or alkali, then you need an acid or alkali cabinet. If you need a generic hazardous storage cabinet, then a hazardous cupboard is probably for you. We have a blog post on this so please go ahead and take a look for more details.

Above is only some of the things that you should take into consideration when purchasing. If you need any further information, then please get in contact with our sales department and they will be more than happy to help.

You can shop the full range here.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

ll be more than happy to help.

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