Coshh cabinets – How they are made.

Coshh cabinets are vitally important when it comes to chemical storage in the workplace. Having the correct storage facilities is of very high rank for any business owner. Here at we pride ourselves on being your chemical storage lifeline. We supply everything from Coshh cabinets to flammable cabinets. Everything you need is here all in one place.

As you may know a lot of products these days are manufactured overseas. This can have a huge affect on the quality of the products as well as the lead times they can take to get to you. We offer all yellow coshh cabinets on a Free 5-day delivery. This is because we can. They are all UK manufactured and in stock. You can even have the cabinets delivered on a next day service for a small additional fee. As all our coshh cabinets are manufactured in the UK we thought that it would be a good idea to run through the process of how they are made.

Coshh Cabinets

  1. The sheet steel is delivered in many different sizes. This will be determined by what size coshh cabinet you purchase. They are not all to size and need to be punched to size. Once picked they are taken over to the punch press to be cut to size.

  2. As steel is punched this means that the steel has to be of the highest grade possible. Some manufactures can cut corners at this point, but as we use more modern and lights out machinery, we must use the highest grade of steel. The steel sheet is passed through the punch and is cut to size. This is also where the holes for the height adjustable shelves are put in.

  3. Next the sheet steel is taken to be folded. This is usually done by hand however the smaller units can be done on a robotic version. With the smaller cupboards they will be a wrap mechanism which means that they are folded from one piece of steel. The larger cabinets are made from two sides and a back that are riveted together. This is a very old and trusted method of manufacturing.

  4. One the unit is assembled it passes through our powder plant. This is where the coshh cabinets are painted into the various colours such as yellow or grey. The steel is degreased and then it passed through the spray booth where the paint is electrostatically attracted to the steel. This gives an even coverage. The paint is then baked on to the cupboard.

  5. The cupboard is then passed over to final assembly where the doors are added via rivets and is checked and double checked for any damage or issues. It is then passed over to packing where the cabinet is wrapped and boxed depending on the size of the unit.

Most of our products are palletised however some of the smaller units will be sent out in boxes.

We hope this gives you an idea about how our coshh cabinet are made. If you have any further questions, then please let us know. We will be happy to help in anyway possible

We hope this gives you an idea about how our coshh cabinet are made. If you have any further questuons then please let us know. We will be happy to help in anyway possible

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