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Coshh cabinet - what you get.

Coshh cabinets are something that most companies should know about. They are a vital part of keeping the workforce face and sound. Many companies don’t tell you exactly what you are getting when purchasing your coshh cabinet. Here at we believe that transparency is key, and we don’t want the coshh cabinet coming back after all. In this short blog I am going to tell you what you are getting when you buy with us. Not only will I be telling you what you get but also why you get it that way. What’s the point in reading this if you aren’t going to learn something.

There is a lot more to coshh cabinets that you might think, if you aren’t interested and you have simply been told to purchase one then that’s fine, we are here to give you a helping hand. We are the specialists after all. There are many reasons why you need this cabinet, but we can save that for another blog.

This post will give you a good idea of what you are getting so you know what’s going to turn up at your front door or warehouse and there will be zero hidden surprises. If you don’t know what Coshh cabinet, you need then please take a look back over our past blogs and we have just the article for you.

Coshh Cabinets

So here goes – this is what you will get when you order one of our UK manufactured Coshh cabinets.

  1. To start off with the Coshh cabinet is painted Grey. This signifies that this cupboard is where hazardous materials are kept. Not only does this make it stand out it is also a universal colour for this application. The paint used is also very critical to the cupboard itself. The paint is fire rated to EN 13501 -1 to ensure all regulations are met.

  2. Secondly but by no means any less important the hazardous cupboards have an integral sump. This allows any hazardous materials to drain away and out of harm’s way. The reason that it is integral is so that nobody can access the hazardous substance potentially cause great harm to them. If the sump was not integral, then an employee may attempt to clean up the substance however is not trained in this matter so is therefore putting themselves in danger.

  3. Each shelf can withstand 70KG UDL which is again a very important factor and here is why. If you have a shelf that will not take the weight this is yet another hazard due to potential spillages or the substance container falling onto another and casing a reaction that nobody needs or wants.

  4. All our hazardous cupboards come with a no snag 2-point locking mechanism to prevent any unauthorised person accessing the hazardous materials. This also means that you can rest easy at night knowing that all the necessary precautions have been met to keep people safe.

  5. All our cabinets come with a choose of sticker depending what substances you are storing. If you are unsure on this then please get in contact with our sales department or read our blog post that will help point you in the right direction.

What you get is very similar to the hazardous cupboards however the environment and products being stored signify what cabinet you need. Most likely you are being told that you need one, so if you have a health and safety expert on hand they should know. If not, simply send us and email and we will be more than happy to help you out, like I said before we are the specialists so let us do the work for you.

You can view the full range here.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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