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Flammable cabinet – What will you get?

Flammable cabinet – What will you get?

Many companies when selling products like to bend the truth. Here at we want to tell you exactly what you are getting when ordering a flammable cabinet.

Flammable cabinets

In this blog we are going to tell you what you are going to get when ordering a flammable cabinet from us. We are the leading specialists in the field and have sold multiple cabinets all around the world. We specialise in flammable cabinets so that you don’t have too.

There is more to a flammable cabinet than spring to mind. From the exterior they might simply look like a normal cupboard but there are many features that makes this not the case. In this blog as previously mentioned we are going to talk you through what you are going to get leaving you able to purchase in confidence. We wont leave anything out. If we do please get in touch and we will out this right. Our flammable cupboards are perfect but unfortunately our staff are not always. Most of the time, but not always. There is nothing worse than ordering a product and it is different to what you actually ordered. We understand your frustration so won’t let it happen.

So, by now you are probably thinking well what goes into a flammable cabinet then? We are about to let you know. These types of cabinets are often looked over but are vitally important and can help prevent serious damage to your employees or workers. It is so important to read up on the regulation and if you have any questions please get in contact with our sales department.

So, what will you be getting when you order?

  1. To start off with the flammable cabinet is painted red. This signifies that this cupboard is where flammable materials are kept. Not only does this make it stand out it is also a universal colour for this application, meaning that even an alien would probably be able to identify it. The paint used is also very critical to the cupboard itself. The paint is fire rated to EN 13501 -1 to ensure all regulations are met.

  2. Secondly but by no means any less important the flammable cabinets have an integral sump. This allows any flammable materials to drain away and out of harm’s way. The reason that it is integral is so that nobody can access the flammable substance which could potentially cause great harm to them. If the sump was not integral, then an employee may attempt to clean up the substance however is not trained in this matter so is therefore putting themselves in danger.

  3. Each shelf can withstand 70KG UDL which is again a very important factor and here is why. If you have a shelf that will not take the weight this is yet another hazard due to potential spillages or the substance container falling onto another and casing a reaction that nobody needs or wants.

  4. All our flammable cabinets come with a no snag 2-point locking mechanism to prevent any unauthorised person accessing the flammable materials. This also means that you can rest easy at night knowing that all the necessary precautions have been met to keep people safe.

  5. All our cabinets come with a choice of sticker depending what substances you are storing. If you are unsure on this then please get in contact with our sales department or read our blog post that will help point you in the right direction.

We hope that this explains and breaks down exactly what you are going to be getting when purchasing. Please feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions or need any further help. We will be more than happy to help.

You can shop the full range here.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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