Chemical Cupboards – See our full range.

Chemical Cupboards – See our full range.

According to the largest information website in the world a chemical cupboard is the following: In a chemistry laboratory a solvent cabinet is a chemical storage cabinet or cupboard which is properly labelled and equipped, for the storage of solvents (especially those that are combustible). A solvent cabinet should be positioned separately from acid cabinet or base cabinet (used for storing acids and caustic bases respectively, as solvents are not compatible with these substances. (Some carts for transporting containers of chemicals come equipped with a built in solvent cabinet).

Here at hazardous cupboards we have a large range of chemical cupboards. We have broken our range down into 5 categories. One of our ranges is more generic and you can use it as a chemical cupboard. The others are more for specific cupboards, but we are going to run through that in a short while.

As our hazardous storage cupboards our the most popular chemical cupboard we have these on a five-day delivery with the option of next day delivery. We have found that over the years of selling these are the best sellers and people tend to need them fast. That’s not a problem for us at all as we have a very large number in stock and ready for dispatch.

Our other chemical cupboards are made to order and are on a slightly longer lead time. They will take around ten working day to get to you. Although this might seem like a long time, we assure you that it is industry standard and all other suppliers will be on longer lead time than us. As far as we know we are the quickest at shipping the hazardous storage range. You really can’t go wrong with buying on of our chemical cupboards.

So, what does the range consist of, I’m about to give you a short description of each type of chemical cupboard.

  1. Hazardous storage cabinets. This is, like I said above our most popular range and for good reason. It is a universal chemical cupboard and as we ship out every chemical identification sticker with each cabinet for free it really is versatile.

  2. Coshh cabinet. This is our second best selling cabinet and is great if you have liquids to store. They are painted a dark grey to comply with all Coshh regulations, so you won’t be caught out when the health and safety officer comes around.

  3. Acid and alkali cupboards are great for storing – you guessed it, acid and alkalis. But please don’t make the mistake of storing them together as they react with each other quite badly. They are white as this is the universal colour for this substance.

  4. Flammable liquids cupboard. This chemical cupboard is designed for storing, again you guessed it, flammable liquids. This is the universal colour and it has no vents to keep the liquids extra safe. We again send out all the sticker clarifications for free to ensure you can add the correct sticker.

  5. Agrochemical & Pesticide Storage Cabinets. This probably applies less to the general public but is still on of our good sellers. It has vents and is supplies the perfect conditions for storing Agrochemical & Pesticide Storage Cabinets. One of our most complex chemical cupboards in the range.

Chemical cupboard

Many of you will simply only need a hazardous cupboard and this will be the perfect chemical cupboard however some please/ industries need something a little more specific and to the health and safety specification. If you need any further advice, then please get in in contact with our sales department who will be more than happy to help you in any way.

We hope you got something out of the short blog and now know a little more about chemical cupboards and how they can be used.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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