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Hazardous Cupboards – How they are manufactured.

Hazardous Cupboards – How they are manufactured.

As you might have seen on our website, all of our Hazardous Cupboards are manufactured here in the UK. This might not be something you are used to seeing. We have an 80,000 square foot factory nearly continuously making hazardous cupboards. There is a long process when manufacturing these cupboards, so we are going to talk you thorough it.

It might seem like an odd post, but we think that if you know how and why your hazardous cupboard is manufactured in the UK then it might give you a little more reassurance when thinking about purchasing.

The process.

  1. As a UK manufacture we think that it is only fitting that we buy our steel from the UK too. All our steel is UK manufactured to ensure the best possible quality and the highest grade. This means that there will be minimal flex and movement in the steel, so the cabinet will remain as sturdy as the day it left the factory.

  2. Once we have received the steel from our supplier it is then picked for punching. (At we have invested vast amounts into our machinery over the last few years. Our new Armada bending cell is more than $800,000 and works 24/7.) Once the steel is picked it is then taken to this Armada bending cell. From here it is loaded automatically and offloaded automatically. This part of the process has very little human action however further into the process it gets a little more hands on.

  3. Once the steel has been punched the construction occurs. The different parts that have been punched go to assembly where the cupboard is erected. We use rivets to fasten our hazardous cupboards together as this is the most efficient way. The sides are added and then the base and top to finish.

  4. Due to the size of some of the cupboards we add strengthens to the doors. This is done via spot welding. It is a simple process and is done by hand to promote the best possible finish. The hinges are also spot welded on at this point.

  5. Once all the parts are assembled they are ready for the powerplant. This is where they are painted into the desired colour. This can either be yellow, grey, red, white or really any colour you want. There may be a small fee but if you have a larger order to place then generally we can keep the price the same.

  6. Once the hazardous cupboard has passed through the powerplant we are ready for packing and final assembly.

  7. In final assembly the doors are riveted on to the carcass of the cupboard and the product is checked for any issues with the manufacturing process.

  8. The product is ready for packing. Two cardboard boxes are added to the top and bottom and the middle body is wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent any damage when in transport.

  9. We use an ugly freight specialist here at to minimise the risk of any damage when in transport.

We do everything we can to prevent the products turning up in a poor state. It does happy occasionally because of the shire nature of the product and transport. If this is the case, we will get a replacement sent out to you as soon as possible. It is normally the next working day.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about how our hazardous cupboards are manufactured.

You can shop the full range here.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

You can shop the full range here.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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