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Cupboard Construction:

  • 0.7mm mild steel, pop riveted carcass construction 
  • Rust resisting galvanised shelves  
  • Integral liquid-tight sump fitted at the bottom of the cupboard 
  • Door aperture has return bends to eliminate open gaps 
  • Delivered assembled  
  • Reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1 – documents available
  • Supplied with one warning label 
  • 2-point locking mechanism  
  • Extra Shelves & stands are available with the Hazardous Cupboard range  

 Sump Construction: 


  • Material: 1.2mm Mild Steel
  • Fully welded seams
  • Sump Integral

Cupboard Door Construction:

  • Material: 0.9mm Mild Steel.
  • A stiffener is spot welded vertically in the centre of the door with two 2.½” butt hinges spot welded to the door.
  • The door is attached to the carcase via the hinges, with 4.8mm pop rivets.
  • The door has two-point locking with an all metal key locking handle.

 Paint Finish: 


  • Three stage pre-treatment and phosphate coating
  • Carcass and doors powder coated with one coat Epoxy Polyester Full gloss powder, stoved at 180 deg. C. including Germ Guard antibacterial compound 
  • Carcass powder coated with a special paint – Truflow Yellow 

Mobile Hazardous Cupboards

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