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Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet -  H700 x W900 x D460 mm


  • All of our non-combustible steel cabinets are certified to EN 130501-1 & A2-s2.
  • COSHH compliant hazardous storage cabinets are often used to safely store and control substances that are hazardous to our health and the enviroment around them.
  • With adjustable galvanised shelves, they direct spills to a leak proof sump situated at the bottom of the cabinet. This is important as they contain spillages for those substances that are classified as being harmful. However, it’s important to clear up all spillages sooner than later to ensure that there is no build-up of chemicals.
  • Shelves can take up to a maximum load of 70kg UDL.
  • In addition, within the range are 500mm high stands are available with adjustable footing for uneven surfaces. As standard, we supply hazardous warning stickers to emphasis the nature of the content.
  • It is vital that employers and employees comply with the control of hazardous substances in all working environments. This range of Hazardous Storage Cabinets enables the separate storage and transportation of hazardous substances as demanded by COSHH regulations.


Delivery – 10 – 15 Working days. Please contact our sales department via email for quicker lead times.

Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet - H700 x W900 x D460 mm

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